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Affordable, Professional Music Lessons in Bury

Harmony Ent. Music Lessons Bury

Something that we pride ourselves in at Harmony Ent. Music Academy is the fact that we deliver the best value for money. We provide the most affordable lesson prices around whilst supplying only the best tutors around.

All of our tutors are dedicated tutors and professionals at their chosen instruments meaning they play that instrument live professionally for a living all over the country, continent and globe.

The reason we supply our lessons at such a great price is because we want to teach people the right way and the fun way to play the instrument and make the best of music, it is our passion and we want to pass our passion for music on.

We also supply tips on how to eventually make it somewhere in the music industry as a professional and make a living from playing music, something that nowhere else offers.

Free extra 30 minutes with every first lesson
(1 hour for the price of 30 minutes)

Pricing is as follows:
1 Hour - One on One - £24.00
1 Hour - Group Session (up to 4 students max) - £15.00 Per Student

30 Minutes - One on One - £13.00
30 Minutes - Group Session (up to 4 students max) - £8.50 Per Student

For more information call Josh on 07412 389249 or contact us online

Band / Musician Master Classes.

With this service we put a drummer, a bass player, Guitarist and Singer all together in a room and teach you all together how to work together as musicians, write songs, rehearse and also play all of your favourite cover songs together.

It's subsequently a lesson in how to be a musician and break songs down. This is also a great lesson to have as it gets you playing with other fellow learning musicians.

All of our tutors being professional session musicians are very often put into situations where they turn up to a gig and perform with musicians they have never met in their life and perform perfectly due to great musicianship, What we want to do is pass this knowledge we have onto students so that if they want to then they can also do this one day.

Can you think of a better job? We do this via Band / Musician Master classes. Unfortuanately 30 Minutes is not long enough for a Master class so we only offer 1 hour lessons in Master classes as it is very in depth and hands on.

We charge per student with Master classes. Master classes are also great for bands that are already fully formed but feel they need guidance and advice with how to work together and click better or how to write the material you would like to write and pick a song apart.

Band / Musician Masterclass - 1 Hour - £20.00 Per Student

For more information call Josh on 07412 389249 or contact us online